Thursday, 25 October 2012

Half Term sleep

The best kind of sleep is half term sleep. No alarm clocks, just good old sleep..for all of us...hmmmm.... Snuggled up in her duvet Tara woke up with a silly smile as she sleepily said, "There's no hurry's half term!" We lay back and cuddled for a few minutes more and then the day began.

Of course after that it was back to back stuff to do. I gave in around mid day and allowed her to watch a Barbie movie. There's something about movies and Tara. She is Focus personified when she watches movies and does not expect any interaction or participation from me. In fact she prefers I say nothing at all as she immerses herself in the plot. You could even believe she wasn't in the house.

While I am a strong advocate of limited television and technology in Tara's life, I also believe that school holidays are a time to relax the rules a bit. The novelty of a movie, unsceduled and accompanied by some snacks is hard to beat!

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