Sunday, 7 October 2012


Tara has a birthday party to attend today. It's at a strange time, neither morning nor late afternoon, and it's three hours long, as opposed to the usual two. It is also The Husband who does birthday party duty, but because of the timing he may not be able to. He usually drives back to work on Sunday afternoon.

So why am I nervous about taking Tara to a kid's party? That's because the venue happens to be an aquarium, and a parent is required to be at the premises. I struggle to breathe in any environment that has anything to do with outer space or under-water. Growing up, I was always the butt of jokes when the entire family sat together to watch a movie like Star Wars or even Moonraker. Everyone was having a good time, except I who was gasping like a goldfish. I always tried to stay the course of the movie, so my evil cousins didn't poke fun at me, but struggled horribly as I was unable to breathe.

Old memories are flooding back and I have been a bit out of breath all day yesterday. Let's see. A good book, a quiet corner and a strong cup of coffee should help.

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