Saturday, 27 October 2012

It's the dreaded Saturday today..

Well "dreaded Saturday" for me actually. Tara is over the moon.

Later today I am taking Tara in to get both ears pierced. I am frightened beyond belief, but Tara is excited. Maybe she doesn't realize the full scale of what exactly transpires in having her ears done. Or maybe as a Mum inflicting discomfort (limited discomfort I am told) voluntarily on my flesh and blood is making me ill with anxiety.

All the people Ive spoken to (including little children) have said it's no big deal and the pain is short and  bearable, but I'm still not relaxed about it. It's got to be done at some point so now is as good a time as any. The Husband is home for the week, I've already booked a doctor's appointment in advance should something go wrong, and Tara is excited at the prospect of going back to school with "real" ear-rings.

So once Tara is back from her classmate's party we're off!! Wish me luck!! 

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