Monday, 29 October 2012

Pretty Pink earrings

It was a quick and easy dual ear piercing. Tara is now proudly displaying tiny pink earrings. She wanted the Hello Kitty ones but I said she had to have a discreet pair for school. I know what's on her next birthday list though.

More than the actual piercing it is the after care that is making me nervous. Moving and turning the ear rings so they don't have build up and cause infection is not something I look forward to to three times a day. The whole process takes around six weeks. After this Tara has to keep her earrings on for 6 months to ensure the hole does not close up.

So with Saturday behind us I was hoping to get on with a happy family half term week. It's not going to plan and I am quite sad.

My PMS has kicked in big time and I find myself unable to control my irritability and snapping. This was fuelled by The Husband who came back from work with a sulk and a distinct lack of enthusiasm for any family activity. That is one thing that gets to me, and PMS not helping it's been a disastrous few days.

Poor Tara, poor Husband and poor me :-(

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