Sunday, 2 October 2011

Its NOT the time of the month

Let me make one thing clear. Attributing everything women do or say to "The time of the month" is so passe. Having just written this I'm looking all over my keyboard for the mark to put on the 'e' in the word "passe", and cant find it...

Just to set the record straight I know there is a mark on the 'e' in the word "passe". Im not being sensitive because it is the "time of the month". I just happen to have reasonable writing skills with fairly decent understanding of grammar. By the way its not the time of the month for me..just in case anyone is interested..

Where was I....

Women are not all fuzzy, emotional, difficult to understand creatures. If we react to something in a certain way, there is usually a reason. It may not be an obvious reason, but peel away the layers and you will find a reason...usually.

a) We may be fed up having to say the same thing so many times.
b) An issue has not been resolved so it keeps popping up at the strangest of times
c) We have a lot of internal conversations in our head because sometimes others don't like to talk about things.

There are many other reasons I want to put down here but that yell from Tara can't be ignored.

In the mean time don't think she is having her time of the month if she doesn't gush over the tickets to the show next Friday night. She's probably thinking of punching you since it was the month before she had told you her parents were visiting that day, and you seemed quite happy about it too!  You should have noticed the date marked in red on the calendar, on the fridge, or the various post it notes all over the mirror. You could have at least put it on your nice phone that makes odd beeping sounds at all odd times of day or night, and reminds you about very important things, like meeting the boys after work, or when the next episode of "24" is on..

So there!

This is in no way disregarding the very real challenge of PMS in some women. It IS a condition and it IS real. It is also remarkable how many of us deal with it and not impose it on the rest of the world.

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