Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Our job

It was just another morning, waving goodbye to Tara at the school gate, I was walking back to my car along with a couple of mums. One of the ladies, who I considered the "leader of the pack", suddenly started talking about how overwhelmed she felt today, after yet another difficult evening with her three boys.

One of the other mums gave her a hug and asked her if she would like go out for a cup of tea. That was it. Those words of kindness caused a flood of tears and she started talking about how she was finding it difficult to deal with her boys over the last few days. I felt for her. Here I am analyzing and stressing over every little thing about one child, and this lady had three boys and a very busy husband who couldn't help out as much as he wanted to, because he worked very long hours.

Being a mum can sometimes be a lonely business. You can be surrounded by children and family and still feel lonely. Mums have feelings and needs that are often put on the back burner. Children always come first. And heaven forbid we do something for ourselves, or have a mini outburst at our kids, the guilt squeezes the last ounce of strength from us.

"Look out for yourself
Have a pamper day
Do what you want to do today."

All wonderful advice, but easier said than done. Being a mum is not a problem that we need to find a solution for. The love we feel for our children is all it takes to spur us on. But every once in a while we need acknowledgment for our job which has no pay or retirement age, and still is the most rewarding in the whole world

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