Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Half term, half crazy

So its half term and school is out for a week. Im already half crazy thinking of ideas to entertain a four year old with a chest infection, who doesn't want to watch television, and the weather is non stop rain for the last 48 hours.

This television idea coming from me is priceless hypocrisy. Before I had Tara, I was of the firm opinion that a parent must be more involved in their children's activities and television was something to look down upon as a short cut.... an easy tool for lazy parents.

Oh my good Lord...a million apologies to all the parents in the world. Television is a dear friend who provides pockets of relief through the day. It is a baby sitter when nature calls and your child is old enough to say disgusting things while you attempt to relieve yourself under tremendous pressure.. no pun intended !

Back to half term, Tara doesn't want to have anything to do with:

Play dolls
Dolls houses
Any form of art/colouring/painting/cutting etc
Play dough
Television or computer games
Musical instruments
Soft toys

Basically anything in the house that's already been played with.

So she's in a bad mood...Im feeling cornered...I can't wait for her bedtime which is still some way away.. and I will sit down to numb my brain with television. It is a great invention..really

Tomorrow is another day..Im so worried..I hope the sun is out at least. The weather report says no it won't. School opens on Monday.  I will miss her then...You just can't win

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