Friday, 7 October 2011

Mood swings already?

The last few days Tara's moods and behaviour have been volatile. She's picture perfect at school and according to the teacher is funny and doing her work well. But as soon as she comes home, she morphs from the mythical happy child into a grumpy, teenager - the kind of person who has a grey cloud with lightening bolts over her head.

My experience with Tara is that if she is coming down with an illness she tends to be grumpier than usual a week before she actually gets ill. But its been more than a week, and she is still acting up and showing the Husband and I bad attitude. Im not used to that and am not taking it very well. Initially I tried to nip the problem in the bud by telling her that she needs to be polite and not behave that way. This ended up with Tara in a flood of tears and my mood ruined. Then I tried asking her if everything was alright or if something was bothering her, but got no result.

I'm tired now. So I've taken my father's advice of just letting her be. Im not talking as much. Not to prove a point but simply because I don't feel like it any more. Im feeling a bit hurt and disappointed with my child's behaviour towards us at home, and a bit bewildered that the same child is very good with everyone outside home. I don't really know what to do. So I will just not do anything for a while and let her be.

She's not turning into a teenager already is she? Thinking about it , Tara never had the terrible two syndrome. Or maybe it just took its time getting here...

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