Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Today was Tara's assessment meeting with her class teacher. The Husband and I reported on time wearing smart clothes, ready to ask a lot of questions.

Tara's teacher thankfully gave us a good update on her progress and it really made me relieved and proud when I heard of all the things she did. I also saw her school work, and in the scrawls and bendy words, I saw the effort my precious little four year old was putting in so that her Mummy and Papa are proud of her. I also saw the section where children tell their teacher what they want to be when they grow up. My Tara said she wanted to be a dinosaur because she wanted to be bigger than everyone.

In those few words, I could see how daunting this new world must seem to a small child, barely four years out of her mother's protective womb. Not only does she have to do so many things to prove herself, but she has to fend for herself in a group of older children of varying personalities. Is this childhood? In today's competitive world, children are pushed harder and challenged way beyond their capabilities in an effort to stay ahead.

In that moment I decided Tara doesn't have to be a doctor or a lawyer if she doesn't want to. Today, all she has to be is a child, happy, safe and full of wonder at the world around her. She will learn essential life skills and  get appropriate qualifications in good time. When she grows up she will be prepared to deal with all the challenges, disappointments, joys and heartbreaks that life will throw at her. But for now, I just want her to be my child, my little star, Tara

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