Friday, 28 October 2011

Silent song

I believe every woman's life is set to music and song. Not music and song as in a specific instrument or words of a composition, but song and music as in a kind of feeling. The song is sad when she is sad, and full of joy when she is happy. Women live their lives full of these songs, making them highly emotional beings.

The saddest woman is not one who has a sad song playing in her life. A sad woman is one who has had the music and song silenced. Every day goes past, whether happy or sad, in a sequence. The over riding emotion is numbness.

Songs are killed by life events so profound that they silences everything. Its different for different people. Causes can range from heart break to bereavement, but the effects are devastating. It might be the same for men, but I speak from a woman's point of view. I get it and I'm sure other women will understand what I'm talking about too.

That silenced song can be deafeningly painful.

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