Thursday, 6 October 2011

You never know..

There is something about articles written about losing weight that make us read them. In my own experience I discovered that except for certain medical conditions, losing and maintaining weight is governed by three main factors

1. Eating the right things
2. Eating the right quantity
3. Exercise right

In short getting the input-output balance right. But every time there is a new article that boldly declares, '10 top tips for losing weight' or 'wonder foods to lose those inches', I'm right in there reading every single line. At the end of it, it all boils down to the three main points I have mentioned above.

So what am I expecting? Let's see. Im expecting a short cut, that doesn't involve hauling my backside to the gym or watching what I eat, or how much. When I'm in a particularly optimistic mood, I'm also looking for an article that says its okay to eat a whole bag of chips or a whole tub of ice cream.....a day. Or a magic pill that evaporates all the excess fat with no side effects. It never happens.

Like most things there are usually no short cuts. Time, effort, energy, determination are what it takes to get something in life. Even after knowing all this, the next time I pick up a magazine, and see someone write about "Get thin in a week", you bet I will read it, because you just never know.....

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