Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh, Happy Day!

So half term is finished. I'm not sure whether to be happy that I will have Tara off my hands, or sad that she'll be gone for the whole day again. It was wall to wall sickness, and she is still a bit run down, but the doctor said she's okay to go to school so here I am at the school gate.

I am nervous taking Tara to school, after the week gone past. It was a difficult week full of sickness and bad moods. I hoped she would go into school without crying or clinging to me.

When I walked in, I saw two little children clinging to their mums looking weepy and ready to cry. As my nervousness rose, I glanced at Tara who seemed okay. Suddenly she spotted her favourite teacher. I leaned over and whispered in Tara's ear, 'Why don't you go and scare Miss, its Halloween after all.'

A smile appeared on Tara's face and for the first time she let go of my hand, went over to her Miss and after a gentle 'boo', she was holding hands with her teacher and laughing as she got into line ready to go to into the classroom.

I was so happy and relaxed as I walked back to the car. I wish I could have this feeling everyday...

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