Saturday, 8 October 2011

Leave the moon alone!

I was reading something today about how loads of Titanium ore has been discovered on the moon. Titanium is a very precious metal because it as strong, or stronger than steel but much lighter. So basically a very desirable ore. There was also buzz about future potential for mining on the moon!

Great! Some people see mining potential, I see potential for a huge future war! Who does the moon belong to anyway?

As a species we still haven't learnt to co-exist happily on our beautiful planet. Every other day there is a war with someone or the other about borders, oil, gas, Uranium or something else. Can you imagine what will happen when people figure out how to land on the moon? I see a cat fight of epic proportions.

So join me in praying that we resolve to make complete peace on our own planet, rid it of toxins and pollution, make it borderless and safe, and leave the poor moon alone..for all eyes to gaze at in equal wonder.

Tara agrees completely.

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