Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Same, same but different!

All of us have feelings. Feelings are universal, but understanding and interpreting another person's feelings, and expressing ourselves to someone else does not have the same universality. This is true of people living in different countries or of the significant other we live with - our partners/husbands/wives, whatever they are called these days..

Conflict, confusion and misunderstandings exist because although we are essentially same people,  our level of understanding and interpretation is different.

But come to think of it, this very diversity is what makes our lives so vibrant and interesting. 'Singing from the same hymn sheet' would give us all just one song to live by, and that would be mind numbingly boring.

What a treasure trove of tunes we could have in our lives if
we all sing our own song,
be heard by others,
then step back and
listen to someone else...

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