Friday, 18 November 2011

Pick your battles

I was boiling with anger after Tara's school nativity costume fiasco. In my emotional state I wrote a pretty stinging letter to her school teacher. The next morning, as I was getting into the car to drive Tara to school, I suddenly tore the letter up. I was getting late for the school run, so did not wait to analyze why I did it.

Later on I wondered if I was a coward. Or did I do the right thing by listening to a small voice in my head that said, 'Pick your battles.'

These teachers are human too. These are also the same teachers who try to ensure my Tara has her winter hat on when she is outside, as she is more prone to catching a cold than other children. These teachers are also the ones to give Tara a cupcake after she went back to school the day after being ill last Tuesday.

I guess if I want to fight, there are many reasons out there. And if everyone thought the same, boy, it would be one mad world out there. So I guess I will choose my battles. But all you teachers out there at Tara's school, don't ruffle my feathers. I am after all my Tara's warrior Mum. Haiee...yaah!

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