Friday, 25 November 2011

Its just a common problem

So Tara's illness has been ongoing. Its all very common in children is what everyone says. Does that make it any easier to deal with?

Tara had a  doctor's appointment this morning to see if her ear infection was gone. The doctor looked in and decided there was no infection but Tara had glue ears. We sat looking at each other. I was waiting for him to elaborate. He was waiting for...I don't really know what he was waiting for. An explanation proactively would have been a good thing, especially since Im no doctor, Im just MUM.

So I broke the impasse and asked what the way forward was. He said it was a common childhood problem, and should resolve itself in a few months. If Tara had hearing loss or the problem did not resolve itself in a year, surgery was an option. I gulped and we all thanked each other and left.

I must admit Im a bit bewildered. I respect doctors, lawyers, and all the other professionals that 'know their stuff'. All I want to say is that all that knowledge means nothing if not used properly. From my point of view, Im seeing an expert and all I want is this:

1. Them to understand that Im not an expert
2. An explanation of what the problem is
3. A solution to the problem if there is any
4. Clarity

When I came away from the doctors office I was upset and didn't know what to feel. Was there a real problem? How bad was it? Is my child in pain? Is she going deaf?

Then I hit the internet and educated myself. Armed with more information I feel a bit better. Tara's cold, caused her to have a ear infection. This ear infection caused glue ear, which basically is fluid collecting in the middle ear. In a few weeks, all things remaining the same, the body would absorb the excess fluid and the situation resolves itself.  So I cant do anything until a few weeks anyway, and Tara seems fine, eating, sleeping, playing and going to school. (I did check it is not contagious)

Im just a Mum, but show me some respect

Im going to my room to put on my ipod, roll into a ball and have a good cry. I feel very alone.

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