Monday, 21 November 2011

Everyone's ill

What a rubbish weekend. The Husband, Tara and I are all sick as....sick people.

In order of priority, The Husband was left in bed all day, as he had to be back at work on Monday. Then after a doctor's visit Tara was sorted out with antibiotic ear drops, and was given a new doll. (She's totally in love with Disney fairies these days). That left me. Im feeling really bad but just getting on with it. In my book, if I have no fever, then Im just not sick. The blocked nose, the sore throat, the cough that rattles my ribs and generally feeling bad are just minor issues...

Its another thing that Tara made me a fairy and we play acted entire adventures the whole day so her father could rest. Each one of us held a fairy and we flew up the stairs, under the stairs, inside a box, till I almost exploded with frustration and a very, very sore throat. Its so strange. As a child these dolls would have been the stuff that my dreams were made of. Now they are Tara's, and I can't stand them. Well, I don't really hate them. Deep inside me there is still a little girl who actually loves the pretty wings and faces of these dolls, but Im sick right now, and Im also not in the mood to play  a never ending fairy saga. But to my credit I held my nerve and did not yell at anyone. Now that is an achievement.

Stay well everyone. Nothing in the world matters if we don't have our health, and I mean nothing...

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