Wednesday, 23 November 2011

It seems to work

As a mum, I try to do everything I can to make Tara feel better when she is unwell. My biggest challenge has been her blocked nose. With this condition, a child can't breathe, sleep or eat properly so in my opinion its the toughest thing to deal with.

I tried :

Vicks rub
inhaling steam at bath time
smelling some oils
elevating bed mattress
high pillows

Nothing seems to work, except maybe Vicks for a short while. I am totally against any nasal drops or sprays, as in my own personal experience, I underwent horrific rebound addiction for which I was treated, as you would drug addiction. It remains to this day one of my worst experiences.

So it was with great trepidation that I agreed to try a new nasal spray for Tara suggested by my local pharmacist. The lady insisted it was 100% natural saline and not like the other nasal sprays in the market. I bought it reluctantly but when I got home I read every word on the leaflet to make sure it was natural. It is called Calpol Soothe and Care, suitable from birth. No preservatives or chemicals or stuff like that, just saline. I was desperate because Tara's congestion was worsening her ear infection.

I started spraying her nose often, and also started her antibiotic ear drops. To my relief her congestion has reduced considerably, and her ear infection seems to be clearing up. Tara announced yesterday, 'Mummy, I can smell again after a long time.' Music to my ears. I might add that the congestion did not clear up immediately with the saline spray. It took a day or two for it to start working. This in itself convinced me that it was just pure saline and not something chemical.

Im also slightly congested. I will get some spray for myself and see how it works. I am still scarred from the memory of the trauma I suffered getting de-addicted from my Otrivin nasal spray. But if something is good enough for my child, it should be good enough for me.

Now if only I was calm and brave like Tara when stuff is being shot up my facial orifices.

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