Sunday, 13 November 2011

Not the cold again!!

Just when you think It's all over, it comes back.

Yesterday was a lovely Mummy-daughter day. We spent time having fun, going to a party and back home to join Daddy for yet more fun. Days like this make me let my guard down, so Tara's bedtime situation caught me off guard. Soon after getting ready for bed, even before we sat on the steps for our talk she was in floods of tears about not being able to wear her jumper at school. Of course it started when I told her it was wet after being washed a few minutes ago, and we couldn't practice it right there.

Tara's awful cold and blocked nose hasn't helped the situation. The last two nights were blocked nose horror and she lay helpless trying to pull in air, perspiring with the effort and getting increasingly distressed.

I wonder why there is no cure for the common cold  and blocked noses yet. It is the single most annoying and distressing conditions mums have to deal with. A child can rest through most other conditions, but inability to breathe pulls down even the toughest.

Tara has just recovered from a terrible chest infection and she's already caught a fresh cold. I hope this one resolves itself soon. It's two nights of no sleep for both Tara and I, and I suspect tomorrow might be a tricky day for school.

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