Thursday, 26 January 2012

Triumph at last!

So week 2 at Tara's school has been uneventful, from my point of you. Except last Friday when she couldn't cut a piece of food at lunch time and was told its rude to use her hands. That brought on a few tears at home but I nipped it in the bud saying it was no big deal and we could practice cutting that weekend. And we did. Thankfully meals are not repeated so often and by the time it comes around again we may well be prepared.

Tara came back delighted from school yesterday. The Husband and I were made to sit down while she told us what happened amidst deep breaths of excitement. Apparently 'a Miss' at school told Tara to eat up at lunch time even after she was full.  Tara described how she just scraped her plate and walked off! She danced around the room in excitement at what she perceived at standing up for herself and perhaps a bit of rebellion. It was funny seeing her rejoice at her triumph over her tears and fears, and heart warming at the same time to see a child take one step forward in building their self confidence.

We all cheered and high fived the event and Tara was pleased as punch.

The one thing different this week has been that The Husband who has a week off has been accompanying us to school for drop off and pick up time, and Tara seems to like that very much. Its of course not going to happen regularly, but sometimes a few small things go a long way in building a child's confidence. She saw her Mummy and Papa, her own 'Team', walk into school with her, and her chin was just that bit higher.

My little 4 year old will soon be 4 and a half in a week. She can't wait!

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