Sunday, 22 January 2012

Doesn't matter where you are, its what you feel inside that matters

So I put a theory to the test and came to a conclusion. If there is something in your life that is disturbing you and keeping you unsettled then unless you resolve that matter in itself, you'll still be disturbed and unsettled, even if you are on a luxury island somewhere, or in a tropical paradise or at the best place you can dream of.

I've just come back from a lovely part of the world, and whilst I went fully expecting to set aside my worries while I was there, I couldn't. It's like brushing an issue under the carpet and expecting it to disappear the next time you clean under your carpet...It won't happen.

Sometimes I slip into my dream world, where I imagine myself in white linen clothes, peacefully resting in a mountain retreat with nature all around me. Im sure if I suddenly did get there I will be far from blissful. Too many issues needing resolution. Escapism is at best a fantasy.

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