Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Its about timing

So we keep planning for our future. Yet we forget that the present is slipping through our fingers. How often have you heard someone say, "One day I will give you everything you want." Why can't the person making this declaration realize that when they get to that magical 'one day', the recipient may have moved on and not want any of it. Who wins then? No one.

If someone craves their partners' time today, they may not be around at some distant future when the partner finds the time to give. If a child craves their parents' time today, they may grow out of that need when the parent feels they have the time to give.

So it is all about timing, finding the time, and giving that time to loved ones. You can make all the money, win all the awards, but it amounts to a great big zero if you are alone and have no one to share it with. So take your loved ones with you in the race of life. Crossing the finishing line together is way better than finding yourself alone at the winning post while everyone that means something to you gets left too far behind to ever catch up.

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