Monday, 15 December 2014

Bad start

It's school holidays, and we've had a bad start.

Day one started early with Tara having acute ear pain, nausea and hearing loss. We couldn't find a doctor, so rushed off to the Emergency department at the hospital. I know...,apologies for using the over stretched Emergency department, but it was the early hours of the morning and they were not attending to anyone.

Tara got seen to, and armed with a prescription we came home to a dull day full of hot water bottles,  Calpol, Neurofen and lots of miserable hugs and cuddles.

Actually I prefer it this way. I'd rather have Tara at home where I can at least look after her rather than worry about school and how she's feeling there. It is however a shame if her holiday is ruined with this ill timed illness. I am tired... :-(

The Husband has been wandering around with a  sulk over the last two days. I have explained that Tara gets cranky and difficult when she's ill. The difference between a normal Tara and an ill Tara is very obvious. But it seems I have two children in the house, not one. :-(

Onwards and upwards !!

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