Monday, 1 December 2014

Car trouble, and why all women should be up to speed with their vehicles

I've never had car trouble before. I never knew that car trouble could make me burst into tears. Come to think of it, I'm probably so spectacularly ill equipped to deal with life's small nuisances that I fall apart at the smallest thing.

It is a possibility that my reactions are connected to my wild moods which seem to have surfaced over the last few years. My GP has hinted that I might have PMDD. This is like PMS, except that it is like PMS on steroids...basically a hundred times worse....and no cure in sight. PMDD is like an out of body experience where you are a shocked audience to your horrendous rage and disproportionate reactions to life's little situations. You know you're doing it, but can't do anything about it. More about that another day.

Back to my car trouble, the reason I burst into tears is the "could have been really bad" scenario the tyre fixer painted for me. I carry my most precious cargo - Tara. If something "really bad" happened to her in my car, I don't know how I would deal with that.

It's also worth pointing out that if I do burst into tears, it is ALWAYS after the problem has been solved or crisis averted. I NEVER break down in the midst of troubled times. In fact I would say, I am the best person to have around in choppy waters. I go into warrior-mode, and all manner of solutions arise from my clear mind. Once the moment passes and things are set right, I sit down...and I burst into tears. Like today.

So what happened exactly?

On Thursday afternoon after the school run, as I reversed the car into my drive, and went inside with Tara, all was well. That night, when the Husband got back from work, he noticed that my rear tyre was in shreds and the car was sitting uncomfortably on one side. I wondered when that happened, and why I didn't feel anything driving back.

The Husband was going out again, too busy with one thing or the other and said he would look into it later. It was almost 5:00 pm, and I wanted a solution before everything shut for the weekend. Since The Husband wasn't enthusiastic enough to find a solution,  I went on my computer to try and find one. I was also  wondering how one solves this problem, especially since the car was not drivable to the nearest tyre centre.

In my world, I just drive the car. The only other thing I do that is car related is fill up the fuel tank. I assumed, wrongly as I learnt, that the MOT and annual service would pick on everything else. I am ashamed to say I don't know how to check tyre pressure or how often it is to be checked or how to actually change a tyre. (I didn't even know that a spare tyre and the tyre changing paraphernalia lay at the bottom of the car boot, until the tyre fixer showed me).

I finally found a mobile tyre fitting service but they couldn't get to me until Monday. I hastily booked a taxi for Tara's school drop off and pick up on Friday. They had limited slots available as it was rush hour. I took what they gave me, which meant I had to wait outside school for longer than I would have liked, and then rush Tara out of school barely spending half an hour at her after school Xmas fair. I had no choice, I had to get home. The bus was not an option since Tara suffers extreme motion sickness in planes, trains, boats and buses. She can just about keep it together in a taxi. The weather wasn't conducive to walking either.

The weekend was quiet. Then I had to book a taxi for Monday morning drop off too.

Luckily the tyre man came home and sorted things out. He had a talk with me (at my request) and patiently explained what I need to know about tyres. More on that in my next post.

I now firmly believe that everyone - men and women- need to do more than just drive their cars. I also need to replace another tyre which didn't look very healthy. I will get that done as soon as the tyre centre can fit me in.

Its not a good month to be spending money on the car rather than family presents. But the best present I can give Tara is a healthy Mummy driving a safe car.

Happy December everyone. Do look after yourselves and the tonnes of metal you trust everyday.

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