Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tyre change-Part 2

After I had the flat tyre replaced last Monday by the mobile tyre fitter, he noticed that another tyre was in bad shape and recommended it be changed as soon as possible. He didn't carry spare tyres so asked me to pop into their garage around the corner.

Continuing on from my previous post, other than filling the fuel tank I know nothing about my car. The Husband sorts out the MOT and service when I remind him to. I don't even know where to go to get those done. He even does the car tax renewal. We had agreed many years ago, that I would handle all household affairs except the car because it was not my area of expertise. A mental block perhaps, but inspite of many requests to The Husband for some basic knowledge,  he's never found the time nor inclination to educate me on any elements of car ownership.

I think after multiple requests over the last few years he's taken my car maybe once to get tyre pressure checked. Now this is the same car that is carrying his only child everyday.

Back to the tyre fitting. I spoke to The Husband and explained the urgency of getting the other tyre replaced. That was many days ago. He did nothing. The tyre place is just five minutes away from where we live.

I finally gave up and called out the mobile tyre fitting man to replace my tyre at home today. Yes its more money than I would have paid at the garage, and yes, shame on me for being unable to do it myself. But at this point of time it was the best I could come up with.

I was furious and simmering in silence. Now let me see, I must get those hormones checked mustn't I? 

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