Saturday, 6 December 2014

Car Insurance Renewal


I renewed my car insurance myself! It may be a routine job for most, but I was swimming around make and model of car, Year purchased, no claims discounts, and types of alarms, types of insurance etc. for ages before I finally sorted things out...and saved money :-)

Baby steps...and I'm getting to know my car better.

Next step, check tyre pressure in a  few weeks. Im nervous already but will find a quiet time of day and go for it.


  1. Congratulations on having the insurance of your car renewed. Well, it's been a half year since then, so how's everything? With insurance, you can assure that your car is in really good hands. Thanks for sharing that, Ash! All the best!

    Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance Manager, Inc.

  2. Renewing car insurance would really take a long time to accomplish, but after the process is done, it would surely be worth it. I’m glad to see that you enjoyed the process itself. While some may find it very tedious to renew their car insurance, you sure acted positively on this process. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Lucrecia Finnegan @ Sherri Bailey

  3. Car insurance renewal isn’t always as easy as people like to make out. All those adverts for comparison sites make it seem like you do it with a few clicks of the mouse when in fact you can easily waste a day comparing policies and prices. I’m glad you got through it and be assured, it will be easier next time!

    Derek Walsh @ Simply Insure