Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Cautious scepticism

This morning :

Tara: Mummy, have I lost almost all my baby teeth?

Me : I think so...I've lost track but many have fallen

Tara: It's just that I think.. I know... there is no Tooth Fairy. It's you...isn't it?

Me: Hmmm..

(Long pause)

Tara (voice trailing): Anyway...even if she is real...and I don't believe anymore...I won't get a pound coin...

(Longer Pause)

Tara: Mummy..?

Me: Yes?

Tara: I'm not saying this..I'm not even thinking it, but people say..HE is not real either..

Me (Heart breaking silently): Who?

Tara (whispering): I won't say HIS name in case the elves are hiding about. I'm not sure...but I will believe....just in case HE forgets me this Christmas..

Me: Okay darling..

Why? Why must they grow up? I wonder why the cynical few blow it for the innocent believers..


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