Monday, 26 January 2015

I came third :-(

Tara came joint-third in a speech contest today...and she's disappointed. Before, and after her performance I told her how proud I was of her, and I loved her. I clapped loudly as she took the third prize, smiling sadly.

There were 10 children speaking their hearts out today, 6 of them went home with nothing.

As a parent is my job to tell Tara how well she did and not to be disappointed? Or is it to tell her she did well, but would need to work harder if she wanted to get a higher place and not be disappointed.There is no doubt that not much practice went into this speech contest. Luck and hard work both play a part in the final outcome.

In the end all I did was hug Tara, and say three things:

I love watching you perform
I hope you enjoyed what you did
I love you

The Husband and I had a lot of cuddles for her, and told her how she made us feel enormously proud going up in front of so many people and speaking so beautifully. As evening came, Tara relaxed and went with us saying she actually did feel proud of herself, and all she wanted was for Mummy and Papa to be proud of her.

A round of chocolate eclairs sealed the evening and we all went to bed happy. 

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