Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hope for the disillusioned Mum-Part 2

Hunting for alternative therapies to drain the "glue" from Tara's middle ear, I came across a device called "Otovent".

This device has been around for many years, and is also available on the NHS on prescription. It is available in pharmacies - over the counter for around £7.

Not once has it been mentioned by our GP.

Otovent involves blowing a special latex balloon via a nostril. This causes air to enter the middle ear cavity, which is meant to displace the fluid by pushing it out of the eustachian tube. In many cases the ear is completely drained of glue and replaced with air-as a normal ear should be.

An average of 60% success sounded good enough for me to try, as it is said to be 100% safe. After weeks of research I bought the device, and Tara has been using it like a good little girl morning, noon and night. I have booked an appointment with our GP to examine her ears in a week or so, to see if the fluid he noticed in December has gone or dramatically reduced.

I hope it works. I am also bracing myself for the possibility that my little girl may fall in the 40% category. I haven't yet explored the "what then" scenario because I am very focussed on the task in hand.

Initially I was furious as to why the Otovent wasn't even mentioned to me by our GP.  Now I am channeling my energies in achieving a positive result instead. At the end of it all, if my Tara's ear problem is resolved, all is forgiven.

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