Monday, 2 February 2015

Update - Success for the disillusioned Mum

I waited outside the GP's office with Tara. It's been a long three weeks of using a most unpleasant device. I'm a bit on edge, hopeful, cautious and a whole lot of other things. Most of all I'm a Mum who just wants her long suffering child to have a bit of relief.

For that relief I promise all the unseen forces my gratitude, the GP-my forgiveness and The Husband-not a single smug I-told-you-so. I am well rewarded. After a careful examination I hear the GP say the words,"The left one is normal and the right has most of the fluid gone... Just very little, the level we consider normal."

I felt so good....

I used Otovent for Tara's glue ear. I researched, I collected information, I spoke to the Head Office in Sweden, I watched numerous videos, I convinced Tara to give it a try and made it an entertaining game etc. etc. Three times a day without a complaint my little girl blew a latex balloon with her nose. All that discomfort was worth it.

I am happy and grateful. There is usually a way when people say there isn't. Maybe it's not a known way, but it's there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered. All it needs sometimes is a Mum with a bee in her bonnet.

I love you Tara..

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