Monday, 5 December 2011


So I kept my word, and arranged a meeting with Tara's teacher after school.

I made Tara sit next to me, as I spoke to her Miss. I started off saying that Tara had been very upset over the weekend about forgetting her hat and gloves, and she didn't know how to get through the various gates from the playground, right through to the glass doors of her classroom.

As I started talking, Tara got up and pointed to other things in her class, totally disregarding my talk. I told her to sit back down while I explained her 'problem' to her teacher. She looked totally disinterested and laid back, and started to walk around her classroom - a complete contrast to the broken down child over the weekend. Her teacher said that Tara had mentioned today that she kept forgetting her hat and gloves, and the teacher had agreed to stuff them in her pocket before they went out.

So the problem was in essence, 'solved'

I was piqued. Once again, my child made me look like the crazy, over concerned MUM, while she was the good little girl who could sort everything out herself. Thank goodness I had brought along a Christmas card and box of chocolates for her teacher. This meeting looked so foolish.

Back at home, I updated Tara with my solution to her great 'problem'. I had bought an extra pair of 'emergency' hat and gloves to keep in her coat pocket in case she forgot them in class. 'Oh okay,' said my pride and joy, adding that I had better sew on some name labels on them, and she skipped away to carry on with her life.

I felt totally under-appreciated, not for the first time in my life, and then I understood the meaning of a 'thankless job'. Being a Mum is indeed a thankless job. Solving problems is just a normal part of my job description. Tara's happy. Im not supposed to ever expect a thank you, or dramatic gestures of appreciation. All I want today is a good night's sleep.

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