Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nobody's listening

Tara has started not listening when I talk. While Im trying to say something to her, she is either jumping around talking about something else or totally disregarding what Im saying and putting in her tuppence first.

At first I was worried that her hearing was going, after all that worry about the glue ear problem that never was. Then I realized that maybe she has thoughts and neurons firing at great speeds in her developing brain, and she is in a hurry to get all her words out as her thoughts come up.

At first I exploded with, 'Why doesn't anyone listen to me anymore!' Then I realized I first need to slow her down, maybe sit her down, get her attention and talk in a calm voice. The Husband saw this behaviour first hand when he got back from his interview, which by the way went well, so we have to wait and see. He proceeded to reprimand Tara too, but I stopped him and later explained that when she is so excited, we need to calm her down then talk.

I have been yelling a lot the last few days, and I can't stand my own voice when I do that. But it seems a bit out of control at the moment. Maybe after Tara's doctor's appointment I will be the one feeling better!

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