Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Of monkeys and bats!

Tara eyes are wide in wonder. What a lovely sight to see...her wonder I mean. What she saw were wild monkeys sitting on a tree, scratching each others backs while lounging in the sun. Then came the volley of questions about what monkeys eat, why they are sitting around doing nothing, why we don't have them back home etc. etc.

Later that evening just as we were sitting down for dinner a bat flew straight through the open doors and flew madly in circles in one of the rooms. Tara and I ran for cover while the rest of the people around us carried on as if nothing happened, as the bat was locked in the room while the meal was resumed. I hope someone let him/her/it out. Of course he wasn't in the room the next morning so maybe they did.

Another afternoon Tara stared at a towering banana tree and its magnificent pinkish-purple giant flower. She reluctantly touched a large petal that had fallen off the tree. It looked too big to be a 'friendly flower' she said. To be honest I never knew the banana tree had flowers...now I know..

A big highlight was Tara riding a camel with her aunt. She was overjoyed. I refused pointblank to get on one. I'm not really adventurous, and clutched at my heart while Tara swayed amidst peals of excited laughter.

Tomorrow is another day. Who knows what we will find..

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