Thursday, 1 December 2011

All okay.....but is it?

So I went to the doctor's office with Tara and kept my fingers crossed through waves of nausea, which were probably stress related. Up to this point I have been battling one illness after the othe,r all the way from September, when Tara started school, Tara needs a break, I need a break.

The doctor switched off the lights and examined Tara's ears and heard her chest.

'No fluid in the ears, no chest infection, just a bit of redness in the ear, probably leftover from a previous ear infection that had been treated with ear drops 2 weeks ago.'

Instead of profound relief, strange feelings came over me. Wait a minute, the other doctor had said she was full of middle ear fluid, in other words glue ear. Now this one says she doesn't have it at all. I know which doctor I want to believe, but can I? Should I? Many times when we really want to hear something we tend to lean towards it, but I must keep a balanced head.

So we have the all clear to travel, but I still booked a third appointment to see a doctor on the 8th of December, 4 days before we fly. That would give me enough time to decide what I want to do.

Some might say Im over cautious, But in my opinion, a holiday that carries with it the smallest chance of my child losing her hearing is just not worth it. Im probably going to start packing, but not get too excited over it till I land safe and sound at my destination.

At the end of it all...Im deeply grateful, and would like to send out a thank you, to anything or anyone, at being granted the smallest hope that my child has been spared another ailment.

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