Friday, 9 December 2011

And so we fly!

After all the health scares, we made it to Friday. The last day of school. We go on holiday tomorrow, Tara and I, leaving behind The Husband who battles valiantly on to secure a permanent job and provide for his Princess...that's Tara by the way, not I.

I don't think its selfish to go without him. We are travelling halfway across the planet to spend a few weeks with both sets of Tara's grandparents. Time with them is invaluable for her. It's a lot more work for me, so I don't get much of a holiday.

Everyone is getting older, and things don't stay the same for long. So I think we seize the moment...and don't look back in regret. It's far from ideal not having Tara's father with her, but we don't live in an ideal world. We enjoy what's good, and try and get past the not-so-good bits. The plan is that once he gets his permanent job, we save up and go to Disneyland together. That will be our first ever family holiday together.

Im tired, still have to finish packing...(big yawn). Come fly with me, fly, fly away......

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