Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nativity flower

Last night was bliss. Tara went straight to bed, with no intention of talking on the steps. Since The Husband had to be out of town for the night, I went straight to bed too.

We all had to rest because today is Tara's class nativity play, and my little one is a flower. Its a whole different story how I struggled to find green leggings for her costume. I finally bought white ones and dyed them green. Why doesn't anyone manufacture green leggings for little girls anymore? Well someone in Hong Kong does, according to Ebay, but it was too expensive and would take 20 days to get to me, so no thank you.

Anyway, I was told this morning by Tara to :

Come on time
Wear a nice dress, not pants
Bring a video camera and 
Sit in front so I can get good shots

Okay, I think I can handle that.

Im trying to shake off a ton of other worries from my head to enjoy the nativity but Im afraid Im not able to. First, there is the doctor's appointment for Tara's ear tomorrow to make sure once and for all she is okay to travel. We fly on the 12th of this month. She was complaining of a tickly ear again this morning and since then my stomach's been feeling funny. Second, The Husband had to miss Tara's nativity play, after promising her he would attend, because of a job interview that cropped up today. Tara wasn't too pleased, and The Husband depressed. Third, The Husband's car packed up yesterday, and is in the garage. We don't know when it will be back or the big fat repair bill we have to deal with. That leaves my little inexperienced never-been-far-from-home runaround to take us to London airport.

With all this stress, the holiday doesn't seem like an enjoyable prospect. But the money is spent, Tara is excited and I just have to deal with it.

My stomach still feels funny. That little knot just won't leave me alone. Still, I will be there for Tara's play with camera in hand and a big smile when I see her. She's too little to deal with life's practicalities. For now she is just a little flower in a nativity play who is looking forward to seeing her Mum brandishing her camera in the front row. That reminds me I need to leave earlier than usual to get a decent place to sit in.

Till Later! 

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