Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What day is is today?

As much as I love Tara and her funny yet interesting questions, there is one thing that drives me nuts. Every morning, every single morning since she has started school, and kindergarten before that, its the same words..

Tara : "Which day is it Mummy, weekend or weekday?"

Mummy : "Its Tuesday, so its a weekday"

Tara : "So...is that a school day?"

Mummy : "Yes it is"

Tara : "Can I play on my computer?"

Mummy : "You certainly can.. on Saturday"

Tara : "Is it Saturday today?

Mummy : "No its Tuesday"

Tara : "Is it the weekend?"

Mummy : "Its Tuesday, so its a weekday"

and so it goes on and on, in a loop, until I lose my cool. Which makes her sulk or get teary, and its the start of yet another day...

I came up with a good idea of a whiteboard with the days of the week written on it, numbered and color coded. Tara has to tick each day at the start and put a line through the day at bedtime. It worked well for a few days, then the novelty wore off.....and its back to the daily days of the week tussle...again, and again and again....

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