Monday, 19 September 2011

Starting Primary School

As if battling pinworms wasn't enough, Im now deeply involved in another battle in the form of Tara starting 'proper' school 2 weeks ago. Having recently turned 4 years old, Tara has started at reception year in school.

The pinworm battle is a long one, lasting about 6 weeks. Round 1 was a success, and it seems we are on the home stretch...and winning! Hurray. Another few weeks will rid us of the problem...for this time at least..

School is something else...I have to take a deep breath, look calm and take Tara to school now. Her lower lip is starting to quiver, forming a pout ready to send some tears out at the school gate. We have talked about how things are, found a few problems and solutions but still have some way to go...Fingers crossed..

I think I need to accept the inevitable and stop crying at the wheel of my car (after I drop her of course). then I can convince her that its all okay. Will take me a bit longer...I miss her.

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