Sunday, 4 September 2011


Im exhausted. Tara managed to get pinworms and it has sent me on a physical and emotional rollercoaster.

First reactions:

1. I am not a dirty person. How could my child have pinworms or any worms
2. Physical revulsion at the thought of creepy crawlies
3. Guilt, at how I could let it happen

After first reactions, as usual I went through a cycle of shock, worry, anger, snapping at The Husband, then resolution to solve the problem. So I go into overdrive.

First I hit the internet and become an expert on the subject. Then I find out causes and am re-assured that its not my fault. Next is the doctor's appointment where I feel a bit more reassured. Finally the solution, one dose of medication, followed by back breaking cleaning for 4 weeks that's left me physically shattered.

It will take me up to 2 weeks to know if we are rid of the worm problem...till then my life will probably be on hold ..I wont't let some creepy crawlies win will I ? Its another matter that its very easy for Tara to bring more bugs back from school.

Its funny being a mum. A child's illness puts everything else on the back burner. And unfortunately with children, illnesses are usually back to back, so my life will be on the back burner for a long time I suspect...But for Tara I wouldn't have it any other way...That's what mums do.....

Back to, cleaning, more sanitising and disinfecting...

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