Friday, 23 September 2011

Turning a corner

After trawling the internet looking for websites, finding solutions to a 4 year old's crying problem in school, I was amazed at the number of suggestions of medication for anxiety.

I mean...come on! Tara is 4 years old, never been in a full day school setting and is finding new routines a bit daunting. As a mother it's up to me to be calm, re-assuring and positive about school, not shove medication down her throat after 2 weeks ! Im shocked.

On the plus side, the last 2 days were heaven. Tara and I discussed all the challenges and routines in school, and arrived at solutions to each one of them. Now school time is good! I leave a child at school who smiles and waves bye-bye, sometimes Tara even throws in the odd 'see you later alligator'

It seems we may have turned the proverbial corner!

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