Monday, 26 September 2011

Under the weather

Im feeling a bit flu-ey today. Heavy head and running nose. Being this way makes everything around seem unpleasant too.

Tara seemed to be settling well at school last week. Just before bed last night she asked me why the teachers keep shouting, eat, eat eat at lunchtime. She also said that one of the boys in her class hit her sometimes. Maybe it was my flu or just the protective mum in me, I almost lost the plot at the idea of my precious, well behaved girl being hit. Thoughts zipped through my head while I calmed Tara down and put her to sleep. Later I could barely get dinner down my throat. Its a good job I had a whole night ahead of me, else I might have exploded like a bomb on the school authorities right then.

The night was unbearably long, which in hindsight was a good thing as it gave me time to think.

The next morning as I got Tara ready for school, there were luckily no tears, and during a general conversation, I asked her what she thought we should do about the naughty boy who hit her. "Ignore it Mummy", she said with so much wisdom and maturity that it threw me off balance.

I thought about it and my 4 year old was correct. All my built up confrontation melted away. After I dropped off Tara at school, I did put in a quiet word with the teacher, keeping her informed of the little boy's antics. She said, "That's just boys being boys". Now that could have pushed me over the edge and made me box Miss's ears, while I said, "That's just me being Mum", but I remembered the words of a very wise soul...Ignore I walked away.

If my little Tara can pick her own battles, so must I.

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