Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lucky Poo?

As I walked back to my car with some other Mums dropping Tara at school, I had an encounter with a "dropping" of another kind.

It came from above, missed three other Mums and landed  - splat - all over my coat. I stopped in shock. I have never had a bird poo on me before, and my word.. this bird had eaten well the evening before. The sleeve, the front and the scarf were plastered in yellow-green streaks. We all laughed about it. I thought I could laugh along only because it fell on my coat. Im not sure how I would feel had it fallen on my head...

As I reached my car, one lady said, it was good luck to have bird-poo fall on you. Really? I didn't feel lucky as I reached for a third tissue to mop off the offending stuff from my coat. Driving home I decided to test the theory today, and bought a lottery ticket for tonight...and two scratch cards.

Both scratch cards came up with nothing. Hmmmph! Im not exactly holding my breath for tonight either, so bird sanctuaries needn't get their hopes up yet.

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