Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Misplaced anger

After a bit of introspection, I figure that anger that sometimes erupts on Tara is misplaced anger. It stems from some other annoyance or frustration that has been simmering within, and manifests itself at the slightest provocation from a small child.

That makes me my eyes :-(

Tara is seven years old. She holds a licence for saying or doing silly things sometimes. I am the adult who needs to let things slide, teach or take the higher ground.There are times when Tara needs the sharp side of my tongue purely for safety reasons. Like running across a road suddenly or wandering off in crowded places. But on other occasions, often due to unresolved issues with The Husband, the hail of words falls on Tara.

At seven years old, Tara has learnt how to needle me sometimes, almost as if she's looking for trouble. She may pick the wrong day or time, as the back story of my life ambles alongside my life as Mum. Still, its down to me how to handle it not her.

There..theory done, now to try to put in practice what I know....again.

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