Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What is true love?

Tara asked me once, "Mummy how do you know if it's true love or not true love?"

I did what I do sometimes....ask for time and say I will get back to her. She's good like that my little Tara. She doesn't insist on immediate answers. I'm good in that I always get back to her with an appropriate (in my opinion) answer as opposed to hoping she forgets about particularly awkward questions.

I also seize opportunities in conversations (again age appropriately) to educate Tara about life's realities, be it the changing body of a girl or how babies are made.

On extremely awkward subjects, on maybe one or two occasions I have been known to request a longer period of time for an accurate answer. Tara is very accepting of that. She told her Papa. If it's not meant for me to know at this age, it's okay Mummy will tell me when I am old enough. Phew....

So yesterday I came up with one definition of love.

True love is choosing HER over the whole world. True love is never having HIM make that choice.

Tara didn't get that.... After reading that again, Im not sure I got it either :-) So it's back to the drawing board. I have to come up with another in a week. Any help is appreciated. :-)

P.S. True love is when you send HIM to the shops with a very specific list, and HE actually gets the right things !!!!

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