Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Do it yourself

I wasn't feeling well yesterday and had a handful of things to get from the shops, including some medicines. The Husband was back from his "amazing" weekend in Leeds and had the warm after glow to show for it. I hesitantly asked him to get me a few things. Items required were not terribly hard to find, especially since I had written down their names and the shops they would be available at. Oh..I also took pictures of some of the labels and texted them to him to make it easier.

He came back in an hour. All three items were not what I asked for.

"If you want something done properly, do it yourself."

Ive heard that before, but don't agree with it. If that was the case, people wouldn't have so many different jobs in the world; one person would do everything in that case. It also makes complete sense to be able to rely on someone when the need arises, with the confidence that things will get done. Having to settle for something simply because you ask someone else to do it is not okay.

So what went wrong? I struggle to accept that "men will be men." Unless the whole lot of them are self centred, lazy and incompetent. The Husband never gets anything wrong when it comes to himself, then why is he so regularly wrong when it comes to the odd occasion that I ask for something? Taking for granted, not paying attention...I sense a storm brewing.....Day 30 of my "No shouting for a year" is about to come to an abrupt end.

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