Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bach Rescue Remedy

I reached for the last weapon in my anti-shouting armoury yesterday-The Bach Rescue Remedy drops....all 4 of them...drops I mean. 4 drops is the recommended dosage.

On the bottle it says to take as many times as you need. The bottle is so tiny that I could make short work of it in one swig, but I took 4 drops as advised and waited to calm down. Tic-toc-tic-toc-tic-toc. Just counting the minutes down to feeling good does some amount of work distracting the brain. But I don't think I felt any better. I did the next best thing, got away from people and situations and did some work on the computer. After a while I took another 4 drops. Still can't say if they work or not.

What I did realize is that I was not an alcohol virgin anymore. The ingredients lists a 20 something percent grape alcohol content, and on googling discovered that the taste I was sensing was like brandy. I have tasted it before in some amazing chocolate liqueurs. The Husband says that 4 drops and some chocolate don't count as alcohol drinking. Drat! I was feeling quite happy secretly. No one has stopped me from drinking, I have no problems with anyone choosing to drink, but it's just something Ive never done. Friends swear by a glass of wine or two in calming their frayed nerves sometimes. 

For me 4 drops of Bach will do. Cheers! and Hic Hic Hurray...School opens tomorrow...I have mixed feelings. Im physically tired (Oh I did fall down the stairs two days ago carrying a laundry basket, and am in incredible pain too), but a bit sad inside too at not having my hugs on tap from the loveliest daughter in the whole world. I am blessed.

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