Sunday, 16 November 2014

I don't remember

Three words that are driving me nuts these days are,  I - DON"T - REMEMBER

Mum : Tara, where is your pencil case?
Tara : I don't remember

Mum : Tara, did you have your chewy multivitamin this morning?
Tara : I don't remember

Mum : Tara, can you tell me what happened after school on Friday as we walked back to the car?
Tara : I don't remember

The last question blew my fuse today. So a seven year old child has the memory of a flea. I don't mean to insult fleas. I am fairly sure that fleas don't have a very good memory.

What is going on with the "I don't know".Laziness, is the only available answer to me. When you do everything possible for your child with the intention of enabling them, sometimes you can inadvertently disable them.

Should I help Tara with her homework or not...Today she made the most basic of mistakes. All children are supposed to put their name at the top of the homework sheet. Tara forgot...alongwith putting the title of her work....and punctuation...and capitals. Am I supposed to remind her or not? I feel I should send Tara to school with 100% independently done work, whatever the quality, so she gets an idea of the real world and the sharp end of her teacher's tongue, who has incredibly high expectations from Tara. I feel cruel and upset, and The Husband is away on a weekend with his friends.

Couldn't I have waited another day to lose my temper? I feel awful for yelling at a small child, awful that I did it when her Papa is away, awful that I help her with her school work.

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