Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Back to school

Year 3 already?

Dropping Tara off at school I quickly took her picture, to add to the thousands of others I already have. When I get time, I plan to look at the ones I took when I dropped a trembling 4 year old to school. It was hard..and not a time I want to revisit particularly. But its all a part of Tara's journey. She's still not a cocky, pushy self assured 7 year old, and I'm not terribly unhappy at that. I do feel a twinge when I see her sitting watching others in her class push and shove and be bossy to each other. I wonder if my child will survive the world out there not being the same as them.

Then I notice the gentle smile on her face as she leads a smaller new child to their correct line before she gets into her own. I realize in that moment that the world is made up of all sorts, and my Tara is a star that shines a gentle light. Up close, every star is a blazing sun... I feel Tara is fine the way she is. She is among the top of her class academically, she is sociable but selective in who she plays with. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Sensitive and caring, yet smart enough to find her way...I hope.

I wonder if she'd like soup for dinner this evening... 

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