Friday, 5 September 2014

You look good!

I like paying compliments...and receiving them.

But here's a rule everyone must follow should they wish to pay someone a compliment. (It sounds bossy when I say it like that, but the occasion warrants it.)

RULE: Don't qualify your compliment with an additional sentence that basically eliminates the original compliment.

For example : "You look good!"  followed by "for your age."

There's no need for the second part is there? Unless your intention is to secretly insult not to compliment.The example above is common when one usually crosses over from one insignificant decade to another. I say "insignificant" because life is lived not by the number of years you've clocked, but what you do, and how you conduct yourself in those years.

So the next time you want to insult someone, bite your tongue and be quiet instead. You will earn some Karmic brownie points that way. If your intention is to genuinely compliment someone, do just that -  and keep it short and genuine.

It takes little actions and gestures to make this world a better place.

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