Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hell on wheels

I hate sitting in the car when The Husband drives. We are two people with two different driving styles.

I am completely defensive. I let crazy people overtake me, I slow down at amber, and I press the brakes gently with adequate distance between the vehicle in front of me. The Husband gets into a hissy-fit if a crazy driver cuts in, he feels that amber means hurry-the-hell-up-and-get-through, and he hits the brake when he can probably see the grey hair of the passenger in the rear seat of the vehicle ahead.

Yesterday as I got in the car with Tara and him, I tried my best to relax. I turned on the radio, pulled the sun visor down (to see as little as possible) and tried to day dream looking out of my side of the window. I was nervous. A few minutes later as we curved around a roundabout at good speed, I suddenly saw my gazing eyes blur as the traffic lights gleamed bright red. I saw speeding cars get closer towards me. I let out a blood curdling yell, "STOP!!" The Husband hit the brakes, and nodded condescendingly at me when I screamed that the light was red. That was it. My mood fell at a steep angle..

It was a bad evening after that. I noticed the mess in the house, I could barely rustle up dinner for Tara and I had no tolerance of Tara's rolling eyes when I helped her with her school work. Finally I exploded into smithereens, dragged myself to my room - without any dinner got into bed and went to sleep at 9:00 pm - fully dressed in my jeans and jumper. It was the safest thing to do for all concerned.

Like the rest of our personalities our driving is as different as chalk and cheese. The one common factor we have is Tara. She has been created by taking the best bits out of two different people and making a near perfect child. Everyday she sets an example of how I think I should behave...except the odd days when she is coming down with a bug and behaves not-so-perfect :-)

I woke up today, quiet. I completed the daily routine and prayed like hell as The Husband took Tara to school.

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